Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium tigrinum

The pseudobulbs of this species resemble those of a coelogyne.  The scape is 12 - 23 cm long with 2 - 5 honey scented flowers.  The flowers are 4 - 5 cm across. 


We grow this plant under shadecloth and as yet have not flowered it due to its size.


On bare rocks and in rock crevices in open situations.


Burma, N E India, (Nagaland), China, 1500 - 2700 m


cyperorchis tigrina

Primary Hybrids

tigrinum x devonianum = Tiny Tiger
tigrinum x eburneum = Rachel Seth
tigrinum x iansonii(lowianum) = Tiger Flame
tigrinum mastersii = Master Tiger
tigrinum x sinense = Narihira
aloifolium x tigrinum = Bindi's Soo
erythrostylum x tigrinum = Banana Split
insigne x trigrinum  = Insignigrinum
lowianum x tigrinum = Lowigrinum
lowianum x tigrinum = baoshanense
madidum x tigrinum = Petit Anquette
munronianum x tigrinum =
Mount Kabru
pumilum (floribundum) x tigrinum = Tiger Moth
sanderae x tigrinum = Sandy Tiger
species x tigrinum = Hagoromo


(Photograph by J N Rentoul, F Hoeck, DP Banks and S W Early)

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