Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Webmaster - Stephen Early

I have had an interest in growing species cymbidiums for a number of years. I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and references to growing conditions and flowering times refers to what I have found out there.My collection of species cymbidiums numbers over 100 plants (mostly different clones) of cymbidium species with a larger number of smaller plants. I have over the last few years been involved in line breading of the species to produce high quality plants. I am a judge with the OSCOV (Orchid Societies Council of Victoria) panel and Immediate Past President of OSCOV.

I was a teacher (now retired) and I am not a commercial orchid grower. Although I have a Science Degree from University, I studied Chemistry and Metallurgy and not Biology so would not consider myself a professional botanist. What is in this site is what I have obtained from others and also what I have learnt. I am not a commercial grower and just have a hobby that is out of control. I hope you find this site useful and would welcome any comments.

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