Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium sinense

This Chinese species with its tall upright spikes is one of those that has been grown in Asia as a pot plant for many years.  The scape is 40 - 80 cm with between 6 and 26 strongly scented flowers.  The flowers are about 5 cm across. 


I do not grow this species but Eric Wolff's notes indicate that it is best grown in a well drained mix in tall narrow pots.


Open to dense mixed or evergreen forest, in shade or semi-shade


Meghalaya (Khasia Hills), Burma, N Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ryukus 300 - 2300m

Synonyms and other names

Epidendrum sinense, C. fragrans, C. chinense, C. ensifolium auct., C. hoosai, C. albo--jucundissimum, C. sinense var. albo-jucundissimum, C. sinense var. margicoloratum, C. ensifolium var. munronianum, C. sinense var. album, C. sinense var. bellum

Primary Hybrids

sinense x aloifolium= Hsingda Fountain
sinense x devonianum =
sinense x ensifolium = Norbert Gomes
sinense x faberi = Hsingda Wishing Star
sinense x hookerianum = Fu Manchu
sinense x insigne = Auntie Mary Kovich
sinense x kanran = Medhi
sinense x kanran = hybrid c
sinense x lancifolium = Jade Hare
sinense x madidum = Memoria Sabino Gomes
dayanum x sinense = Nakhon Pathom
eburneum x sinense =
Zhan Chun Hui
goeringii x sinense =
lowianum x sinense = Loho
pumilum (floribundum) x sinense = Hoosailum
tigrinum x sinense =

(Photographs by Winterview Orchids)

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