Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium sanderae

This species has only been collected a couple of times and all plants arise form these early collections. It was originally thought to be a variety of parishii but now is seen as quite different.  The scape is 30 - 50 cm long with between 3 and 15  scented flowers.  The flowers are up to 8 cm across.


We grow and flower this species under shadecloth in Melbourne.  It flowers in October - November for us.


On trees frequently in association with a Polypodium fern.


Vietnam 1400 - 1500m

Synonyms and other names

C. parishii var. sanderae

Primary Hybrids

parishii (sanderae) x canaliculatum = Canal Parish
parishii (sanderae)  x devonianum
= Devon Parish
parishii (sanderae) x ensifolium = Tender Love
parishii (sanderae) x erythrostylum = Trinket
parishii (sanderae) x grandiflorium (hookerianum) = Herbie Poole
parishii (sanderae) x tracyanum = Herbert George Alexander
sanderae x eburneum = Steve Shifflet
sanderae x iridioides = Iridae
sinense x hookerianum = Fu Manchu
sanderae x tigrinum = Sandy Tiger
aloifolium x parishii (sanderae) = Hugh Gordon
eburneum x parishii (sanderae) = Tussock
insigne x parishii (sanderae)
= Dryad
iansonii (lowianum) x parishii (sanderae) = Seamew
lowianum x parishii (sanderae) = Garnet
madidum x parishii (sanderae) =
Parish Madness
mastersii x parishii (sanderae)
pumilum (floribundum) x parishii (sanderae) =
Tea Time
seidenfadenii x sanderae = Side Kick


 Cymbidium sanderae (Original Menninger 2n Clone)

(Photopgraphs by S W Early, F Hoeck & J N Rentoul)

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