Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium kanran

Another beautiful Chinese species that is well worth growing.  The scape is between 15 and 80 cm long with 3 - 20 strongly scented flowers.  The flowers are between 5 and 7 cm across.


I do not grow this cymbidium but Eric Wolff's notes indicate that it is best grown in tall pots with a very well drained mix.


In open hardwood forest, in shade.


S China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ryukyus, S Japan, S Korea 800 - 1800m

Synonyms and other names

C. kanran var. latifolium, C. oreophyllum, C. misericors var. aoreophyllum, C. purpureo-hiemale, C. linearsepalum, C. tosyaense, C. sinokanran, C. sinokanran var. atropurpureum, C. omiense, C. tentyozanense, C. faberi var. omiense, C. quibiense

Primary Hybrids

kanran x ensifolium = Marvin Manor
kanran x ensifolium = hybrid b
kanran x erythrostylum = Stellina
kanran x goeringii = nishiuchianum
kanran x lowianum =
Gasper de Portola
goeringii x kanran = Meeark
sinense x kanran = Medhi
sinense x kanran = hybrid c

(Pictures by D. P. Banks and Winterview Orchids)




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