Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium insigne

This is another of the large flowered species.  It varies from white to pink and produces tall racemes with a number of flowers. The leaves of this species seem to be very brittle.  The scape is 100 - 150 cm long with up to 27 flowers.  The flowers are 7 - 9 cm in diameter.


We grow and flower this plant under shadecloth in Melbourne.  It flowers September, October for us.


In sandy soil in low open woodland.


Vietnam, China (Hainaan), N Thailand, 1000 - 1700m

Synonyms and other names

C. sanderi, C. insigne var. sanderi, Cyperorchis insignis, C. insigne var. album

Primary Hybrids

insigne x dayanum = Solar Flare
insigne x elegans =
Vingtaine de Rolzel
insigne x giganteum (irioides) =
insigne x goeringii = Eastern Message
insigne x lowianum = Paulwelsii
insigne x lowianum = Lawrenceanum
insigne x parishii (sanderae) = Dryad
insigne x pumilum (floribundum) = Minuet
insigne x schroederi = cooperi (natural hybrid)
insigne x schroederi = J. Davis
insigne x schroederi = Glebelandsense
insigne x tigrinum  = Insignigrinum
insigne x tracyanum = Doris
insigne x tortisepalum = Kumano Snow
devonianum x insigne = Vogelsang
eburneum x insigne = Gottianum
eburneum x insigne =
ensifolium x insigne = Pakkret Horizon
erythraeum x insigne =
Vingtaine de Samares
erythrostylum x insigne =
grandiflorum (hookerianum) x insigne
= Coningsbyanum
i'ansonii (lowianum) x insigne = Ceres
mastersii x insigne = hybrid a
mastersii x insigne = Memoria David Sander
nishiuchianum x insigne = Eastern Melody
roseum x insigne = Titania
sinense x insigne = Auntie Mary Kovich
species x insigne = Shuho

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