Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium hookerianum

This cymbidium is one of the favourites with its green and very glossy flowers.  Its scape is up tp 70 cm long bearing 6 - 17 flowers with a strong fresh scent.  The flowers are up to 14 cm wide.


We grow and flower this species under shadecoth in Melbourne.  It flowers in August for us.


On trees or steep banks in dense, damp forest. 



E Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, S W China 1500 -2600m


C. grandiflorium, C. giganteum var. hookerianum, C. grandiflorum var. punctatum, Cyperorchis grandiflora, C. hookerianum var. hookerianum

Primary Hybrids

grandiflorum (hookerianum) x devonianum = Grand Devon
hookerianum x ensifolium = Pink Butterfly
hookerianum x erythraeum = Veronica Clowes
grandiflorum (hookerianum) x insigne = Coningsbyanum
hookerianum x lowianum = Sedeni
grandiflorum (hookerianum) x mastersii = Maronii
grandiflorum (hookerianum) x tracyanum = Rosefieldense
eburneum x grandiflorum (hookerianum) = Holfordianum
giganteum (irioides) x grandiflorum (hookerianum) = Zaleskianum
giganteum (irioides) x grandiflorum (hookerianum) = zaleskianum pro hyb nat
erythrostylum x hookerianum = Hooked on Classics
iridioides x hookerianum = wilsonii pro sp
lowianium x grandiflorum (hookerianum) = Lowio-grandiflorum
parishii (sanderae) x grandiflorium (hookerianum) = Herbie Poole
pumilum (floribundum) x grandiflorium (hookerianum) =
God Only Knows
sinense x hookerianum = Fu Manchu

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