Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium goeringii

This species has 2 main varieties serratum and goeringii.  Its scape is erect up to 24 cm long with 1 to 4 sometimes scented flowers 4 - 5 cm across.


According to notes from Eric Wolff these plants grow well in a well drained mix in tall slender pots.


Terrestrial in open forest, usually on lightly shaded cliffs or slopes, often in coniferous forests near the sea in Japan.


Japan, Korea, Ryukyu Islands, widespread in southern China and Taiwan, rare in N W India 300 - 3000m

var. goeringii

Japan, Korea, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, S China, N W India (N Uttar Pradesh)

var. serratum

China (Guizhou), Taiwan, Japan

Synonyms and other names

Maxillaria goeringii, C. virens, C. mackinnoni, C. formosanum, C. forrestii, C. yunnanense, C. pseudovirens, C. tentyozanese, C. uniflorum, C. chuen-lan

var. serratum

C. serratum, C. gracillimum, C. goeringii var. angustatum, C. formosanum var. gracillimum

Primary Hybrids

goeringii x aloifolium = Suzuka Pass
goeringii x eburneum
= Oriental Elf
goeringii x ensifolium = Memoria Sophia Gouveia
goeringii x ensifolium = tortisepalum pro sp
goeringii x erythrostylum = Ezan Foot of Mountain
goeringii x floribundum = Petite
goeringii x iridioides = Zuifei
goeringii x kanran = Meeark
goeringii x lowianum = Eastern Morning
goeringii x madidum = That's It
goeringii x pumilum (floribundum) = Petite
goeringii x sinense =
kanran x goeringii = nishiuchianum
insigne x goeringii = Eastern Message
lancifolium x goeringii = Hybrid A

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