Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium erythrostylum

Most plants in cultivation have originated from the one plant.  It has beautiful white flowers and small foliage compared to the flowers making it a well sought after specieces.  The scape is between 15 and 35 cm with 3 - 12 flowers.  The flowers are white and up to 6 cm across.


We grow and flower this plant under shadecloth in Melbourne.  It flowers May - June for us.


It grows epiphytically in open coniferous woodlands.


Vietnam about 1500m

Synonyms and other names

Cyperorchis erythrostyla, C. erythrostylum var. magnificum

Primary Hybrids

erythrostylum x dayanum = Osborn
erythrostylum x hookerianum =
Hooked on Classics
erythrostylum x insigne = Albanense
erythrostylum x irioides =
erythrostylum x irioides =
erythrostylum x iansonii (lowianum)
= Radiant
erythrostylum x lowianum =
erythrostylum x nanulum = Buddy
erythrostylum x pumilum (floribundum) =
Cherry Blossum
erythrostylum x tracyanum =
chloranthum x erythrostylum =
devonianum x erythrostylum = Devon Odyssey
eburneum x erythrostylum = Niveum
elegans x erythrostylum = Early Style
ensifolium x erythrostylum = Amazing
goeringii x erythrostylum = Ezzn Foot of Mountain
insigne x elegans = Vingtaine de Rolzel
kanran x erythrostylum = Stellina
mastersii x erythrostylum = Frosty Jack
nunulum x erythrostylum = Buddy
parishii (sanderae) x erythrostylum = Trinket
tigrinum x erythrostylum = Banana Split

(Pictures by OSCOV and DP Banks)

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