Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium erythraeum

This is best known as longifolium.  It has often been described as a miniature tracyanum by those who first see it. The scape is between 25 - 75 cm being pendulous, decorative or semi erect and carrying between 5 and 14  scented flowers.  The flowers are small and up to 8 cm across. The description above is for the idian form of the species. There is also a form from China which is completley different and probably a different species.

Cymbidium erythraeum var. erythraeum is the name given to the indian form.

Cymbidium erythraeum var. flavum is the name given to the chinese form.


We grow and flower this species under shadecloth in Melbourne.  It flowers for us in May.


On trees. rocks and steep banks in open forest.


Nepal. N India, (Kumaon, Sikkium, Assam), Bhuttan, Burma and China (Yunnan, Sichuan, Xizang)  1000 - 2800m.

Synonyms and other names

C. longifolium, C. hennisianum, Cyperorchis longifolia, Cyperorchis hennisiana

Primary Hybrids

erythraeum x devonianum = Teeny Weeny
erythraeum x insigne =
Vingtaine de Samares
erythraeum x iridiodes =
Toni Benton
erythraeum x mastersii =
No Hope
erythraeum x seidenfadenii =
David Du Puy
erythraeum x tracyanum =
Ken Siew
elegans x erythraeum = Gammieanum
elegans x erythraeum = gammieanum
hookerianum x erythraeum = Veronica Clowes

Chinese form of the species

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