Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium ensifolium

One of the "Chinese" cymbidiums this species is prized in Asia and has proven to be an important parent in hybridising.  There is recognised a distinct subspecies haematodes.   The scape is between 15 and 67cm with 3 - 9 strongly scented flowers.  The flowers are 3 - 5 cm and variable in colour.


We grow this cymbidium under a solid roof but without heat in a narrow pot and Eric Woff's notes indicate that it grows well in a tall narrow pot in a well drained mix.


Terrestrial in lightly shaded, broadleaved forest, often in damp situations.


Sri Lanka, S India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ryukus (S Japan), Indo-China, Thailand, W Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, New Guinea, Philippines 300 - 1800m

subspecies ensifolium

China, Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands, Philippines (Luzon)

subspecies haematodes

Sri Lanka, S India, Thailand, W Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, New Guinea

subspecies haematodes

C. ensifolium var. haematodes, C. ensifolium sensu, C. sundaicum var. estriata, C. munronianum sensu, C. siamense

subspecies acuminatum

New Guinea possibly Sulawesi

Synonyms and other names

Epidendrum ensifolium, Limodorum ensatum, Epidendrum sinense, C. xiphiifolium, C. ensifolium var. estriatum, C. ensifolium var. striatum, Jensoa ensata, C. ecristatum, C. micans, C. albo-marginatum, C. gyokuchin, C. gyokuchin var. soshin, C. koran, C. niveo-marginatum, C. shimaran, C. yakibaran, C. arrogans, C. misericors, C. rubrigemmum, C. gonzalesii, C. ensifolium var. misericors, C. gyokuchin var. arrogans, C. kanran var. misericors, C. ensifolium var. rubrigemmum, C. ensifiolium var. yakibaran, C. ensifolium var. susin

Primary Hybrids

ensifolium x aloifolium = Ma-Rid
ensifolium x atropurpureum =
Clare Natasha
ensifolium x canaliculatum =
Ensi Canal
ensifolium x chloranthum = Ensichlor
ensifolium x dayanum = Koh-Hou
ensifolium x eburneum = Oriental Summer
ensifolium x eburneum = Pakkret Oracle
ensifolium x erythrostylum = Amazing
ensifolium x insigne = Pakkret Horizon
ensifolium x lowianum
= Lilliput
ensifolium x madidum = Olivia Ying Mark
ensifolium x pubescens = Yin-Chee
ensifolium x pumilium (floribundum) = Elma
ensifolium x tracyanum = Pali
bicolor x ensifolium = Summer Aroma
devonianum x ensifolium = Devondale
finlaysonianum x ensifolium = Faridah Hashim
floribundum x ensifolium = Elma
floribundum x ensifolium = Ichiro Otuka
floribundum x ensifolium = Memoria Sui-Ling Li
hookerianum x ensifolium = Pink Butterfly
kanran x ensifolium = Marvin Manor
kanran x ensifolium = hybrid b
goeringii x ensifolium = Memoria Sophia Gouveia
goeringii x ensifolium
= tortisepalum pro sp
lancifolium x ensifolium = Patrice Fox
parishii (sanderae) x ensifolium = Tender Love
pumilum (floribundum) x ensifolium = Ichiro Otuka
sinense x ensifolium = Norbert Gomes

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