Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium elongatum

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Elongatum is a most unusual species as it has a monopodial habit with indeterminately growing stems. The scape is 9 - 28 cm long sub erect with 1 - 5 flowers.  The flowers are  slightly scented and 4 cm across.


I do not grow this species and have no cultural information.


Terrestrial in marshy areas in open, scrubby woodland of stunted trees, often rooted at the base of Leptospermum or amongst rattans, sedges, Ericacae and Begonia on sandstone or ultrabasic serpentine rock, or occasionally epiphytic (Sarwak).


Sabah, Sarwak, 1200 - 2300m in Sabah 2100-2300m in Sarwak

Primary Hybrids

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