Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium elegans

This is a beautiful species with a raceme crowded with many yellow bell shaped flowers that do not open fully.  It is a most attractive species and is not uncommon in cultivation.  Its scape is 30 - 60 cm with between 20 - 35 flowers.  The flowers are bell shaped, lightly scented,  3 cm across and cream to pale yellow.


We grow and flower this species under shadecloth in Melbourne.  It flowers in May for us.


On trees and rocks in damp, shady forest, sometimes on shaded rocks overhanging streams.


Nepal, N E India (Sikkim, Dargeeling, Assam, Meghalaya, Naga Hills, Lushai Hills), Bhutan, N Burma (inc Chin Hills), S W China (Yunnan, Xizang).  1500 - 2500m

Synonyms and other names

C. longifolium, Cyperorchis elegans, C. densiflorum, Grammatophyllum elegans, C. elegans var. obcordatum, C. elegans var. lutescens, Arethusantha bletioides, Cyperorcis elegans var. blumei

Primary Hybrids

elegans x dayanum = Elsimon
elegans x devonianum = Cariad
elegans x erythrostylum =
Early Style
elegans x erythraeum = Gammieanum
elegans x erythraeum
= gammieanum
elegans x giganteum (irioides)
= Maggie Flower
elegans x iridiodes = Maggie Flower
pumilum (floribundum) x elegans = Ides of March
tracyanum x elegans = Foster Alcock



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