Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium dayanum

This species is one of my favourites as mature plants throw raceme after raceme from a bulb resulting in the plant being in flower for at least 2 months.  It has pendulous racemes of white flowers with red stripes and makes a beautiful specimen.  The scape is 18 - 35 cm long with 5 - 20 flowers.  The flowers are 4 - 5 cm across white with a dark maroon stripe. A number of specialised varieties occur with an alba form, a red form and a varigated form


We find this species grows and flowers well for us under shadecloth in Melbourne. It flowers from May to July.


A light position in evergreen forest, in hollows in trees and on fallen rotten logs, often in damp and rotting wood.


N India (Sikkim, Assssam), China, Taiwan, Ryukus, Japan, Philippines (Luzon), Thailand, Cambodia, W Malaysia, Sumatra, Sabah, Sea Level - 1800m

Synonyms and other names

C. leachianum, C. pulcherrimum, C. eburneum var. dayana, C. simsonsianum, C. actum, C. alborubens, C. angustifolium, C. sutepense, C. poilanei, C. dayanum, var. austro-japonicum, C. eburneum var. astro-japonicum

Primary Hybrids

dayanum x sinense = Nakhon Pathom
canaliculatum x dayanum
Bungy Jumper
chloranthum x dayanum =
elegans x dayanum
= Elsimon
ensifolium x dayanum = Koh-Hou
erythrostylum x dayanum = Osborn
finlaysonianum x dayanum = Tavoy
floribundum x dayanum
= Doctor Chang-Chin
insigne x dayanum = Solar Flare
maddidum x dayanum = Pakkret Pudding
tracyanum x dayanum = Akaka Falls

(Pictures by S Early, P Maxwel and DP Banks)

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