Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium cochleare

This species is closely related to elegans but the flowers are brown or olive green and not strongly scented.  The shape of the flowers is much the same.  However the racemes are very week and hang down below the plant.  The flowers on the clone I have seen last for quite a few weeks.


This plant seems willing to grow in similar conditions to most other cymbidiums. It is however a difficult plant to grow well.


In tropical valleys, in shade.


N India (Sikkim, Meghalaya), ?Burma, ?Thialand, Taiwan 1500m (300 - 1000m in Taiwan)

Synonyms and other names

Cyperorchis cochlearis, Cyperorchis babae, Cymbidium babae, C. kanraan var. babae

Primary Hybrids

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