Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium schroederi

The scape is 44 - 65 cm long with between 14 and 23 flowers.  The flowers are green to yellowish green and 8 - 9 cm across.


I have no information on this orchid.


Not known.


Central Veitnam 1350 - 1700 m


Cyperorchis schroederi

Primary Hybrids

schroederi x floribundum = Pumkin Custard
insigne x schroederi
= cooperi (natural hybrid)
insigne x schroederi = J. Davis
insigne x schroederi = Glebelandsense
iansonii (lowianum) x schroederi = Bacchus
lowianum x schroederi = Lowio-schroederi

(Photographs by T Illenseer and F Hoeck)

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