Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


Cymbidium mastersii

The plant will flower of the one growth for several years but does not make new growths easily.  It has an alba form with pure white flowers.  The scape is 25 - 30 cm long with between 2 and 15  almond scented flowers.  The flowers are about 6cm across.


We grow and flower this species under shadecloth.  It flowers in May for us.


On trees or rocks in evergreen forest, often in deep shade, in humus, moss or on rotting wood.



N India (Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur), Burma, N Thailand, 900 - 2200m

Synonyms and other names

C. affine, C. micromeson, C. mastersii var. album, Cyperorchis mastersii

Primary Hybrids

mastersii x devonianum = Little Master
mastersii x erythrostylum = Frosty Jack
mastersii x insigne =
hybrid a
mastersii x insigne = Memoria David Sander
mastersii x iridioides = Holmesii
mastersii x parishii (sanderae)
= Bling-Bling
mastersii x seidenfadenii = Master David
mastersii x tracyanum = Woodlandense
mastersii x tracyanum
= woodlandense
mastersii x tracyanum = Double Holiday
eburneum x mastersii = Ballianum
eburneum x mastersii = ballianum
erythreaum x mastersii = No Hope
floribundum x mastersii = Tersilum
floribundum x mastersii =
Starry Sky
grandiflorum (hookerianum) x mastersii = Maronii
irioides x mastersii = Winnianum
iridioides x mastersii = Holmessi
lowianum x mastersii = Lowio-Mastersii
lowianum x mastersii = Charlesworthii
madidum x mastersii = Little Moonbeam
tigrinum x mastersii = Master Tiger

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