Cymbidium Species
Stephen Early


This update to the site is to make the site easier to use on a mobile. Recently I updated the site to add some new species added since I last made major alterations in 2005. The site is still largely based on the work of David Du Puy and Phillip Cribb in their publication 'The Genus Cymbidium'. This is a book I use and can recommend as a great source of information. I will over the next few weeks be adding more pictures (I have already added some) and checking all the information to make certain that it conforms with current thinking. I am always looking forwards to more books on this genus and believe that one will be coming out of the USA some time in the future.

I have created this page as a result of my interest in Species Cymbidiums and in the hope that it may create more interest in this group of orchids and also act as a source of some information to those that require it. Cymbidiums are a widely grown around the world but most of these are hybrids. It is one of the few genera where the majority of the growers ignore the species (except for one or two plants) and concentrate on the hybrids. My experience in Australia is that most Paphiopedilum growers also have significant collections of species, most Masdevallia growers also have significant collections of species, Australian Native Growers have significant collections of species etc. I do not know why it is different with cymbidiums or it is just my experience. Hopefully this is not the same all over the world. To the left is a picture of Cymbidium elegans 'Lemon Delight' which received a HCC and Cultural certificate. Below are pictures of floribundum 'Green Ice' for which I received a HCC and Cultural Certificate and Cymbidium tracyanum 'Red Knight' for which we received an AD from the OSCOV panel.

foribundum 'Green Ice'I am NOT a botanist or a Commercial grower and do not claim to be an expert. The naming and classification is based on the work of others, in particular David Du Puy and Phillip Cribb.

All the pictures on this site are my own, or I have been given the rights to use them by their owners. As I do not grow a complete set of species and are yet to flower some or photograph them when in flower I would love to add more pics if anyone could send me them, particularly for species where I do not have photographs. In this way I hope that the site can grow and be of more use to others who visit the site.

Enjoy this site with my blessings and send me any comments - even negative ones so that I can make this site one which is useful to others. Even if it isn't I can guarantee that in making this site I have a obtained a great deal of satisfaction.




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